Life is crazy with friends around #YaaronKiBaraat

This statement sounds so Cliché but it stands true when you do have friends who are there with you in your good times and bad. Doing crazy stuff together, when all you care about is each other’s company, Rang a bell? Well that’s what friends are for. And I proudly admit that I have definitely lived my live to the core with my crazy friends around me.

To talk about a single friend would be unfair on my part, as we were a group of 5 who did all the crazy stuff together. To say that we were close friends would be an understatement, as we were inseparable, to say the least. Right from nursery to college, we never failed to be by each other’s side.

Talking about crazy things? Well we were technically crazy and whatever we did was too much fun. I am sure my friends would second me on that. School was like boring without them. Even if anyone would be absent, that day would feel so lousy and boring. We tortured our teachers with silly pranks. I remember, there was one English teacher who was very strict and we used to loathe her, she gave us some homework and we hated English homework, not that it wasn’t interesting but for the fact that the teacher wasn’t interesting. Anyways, Next day when the teacher arrived, she asked whether we have done our homework, and to my surprise, half of the class raised their hand that didn’t complete the homework, the teacher was flabbergasted and she was furious at the same time. She asked us to stand outside the class, and the whole class of some 30 odd students were standing outside except for a few sincere students. Now there wasn’t any place to stand outside, so we made groups outside and we were chatting and giggling, and chatting. That was a funny scene. In the history of education, that would be the first time that a whole class is punished and the teacher is teaching just 2 or 3 students. Did I tell you this was all planned? Well it sure was, and we had a blast on annoying our teachers on every chance we got.

Once we completed our school and hit the college days, life was even more fun like bunking classes, going on a long drive. Did I mention, I love military guys . they look sexy in their uniform, and Jabalpur being the hub of gun carriage factory, we would see these army personnel often. So we would bunk classes to flirt with these men on duty, we would stand outside and wave hands and act silly while they would just smile and wouldn’t react, as they are on duty. We would spend some time there and then head to our favourite eateries to hog on some street foods. I hardly remember, if I attended any of the classes in my first year of college and so I shamefully flunked in 1 subject, but that didn’t really stop us from doing crazy things. All these while, my friends have been part of the crime. That’s the best part actually, when you know you have friends who think and act alike, life is crazy and fun.

Singing out loud while driving, following and eve teasing boys. I remember when a guy was eve teasing, one of my friends literally held him by the collar and slapped him and we stood there laughing our guts out. and people were staring at us like we are really crazy .  That’s how crazy we were. We looked forward to every single day. Life was fun back then.

After that, we, kind of, separated in pursuit of pursuing our career. But we still reminisce all these memories and laugh out loud on how childish we were and I guess when you are being childish, you don’t care about the world and do what you like, and that’s when life is full of fun.

It’s been ages that we have actually met, but thanks to the technology, we keep in touch with each other, and whenever they come, we make sure we meet each other. Nevertheless, life is indeed crazy when you have your friends around.

I think its a great initiative by Zee Tv to bring the best buddies and have a fun-filled chat show #YaaronKiBaraat. I am so looking forward for the same.



Small steps to a healthy heart

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We Indians have a tendency to procrastinate things which we think are unimportant. In the run for money, we usually forget to take care of our health which affects us in the long run. Having said that, staying healthy doesn’t come overnight and we have to take small steps towards achieving our goal to stay healthy and active.

The primary reason for stress and high blood pressure is unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise which affects our heart health as well. Being another lazy person that I am, I always keep health and exercise in the back foot. But in the recent past, looking at how unhealthy lifestyle we have adapted to, it’s about time we do something about the same and act soon… According to recent findings from the World Heart Federation reveal that even a small lifestyle changes like eating better, staying active and being happy can make your heart up to 50% healthier.

All said and done, I am not perfectly healthy to give anyone tips on this. I have had my share of unhealthy lifestyle or I still have, for that matter. But I am a big procrastinator. But one incident was a big eye opener for me. My husband is overweight, and he, just like me, delays things for his own good. SO the other day after dinner, he was feeling very uneasy, he was sweating profusely and had chest pain too. The first thing which came to my mind was something related to heart. We both panicked and went on an emergency. After checking all the vitals and doing an ECG, thankfully doctor said there’s nothing to worry, and it’s just gastric and taking care of simple things will help get rid of the same. But he did say that you have to keep a check on your weight. Even doing a Small work like walking to lifting weight etc. makes him feel exhausted too soon and same is the case with me. So finally, I am trying to figure out ways to stay active.

And so on the occasion of World Heart day, this is a self check list on what we should do to make our heart healthy:

  1. Staying active: The only way is to eat light, workout which includes yoga, or a small brisk walk daily, or any other form of exercise. Eating less of junkies. Coming this from me is a little weird, because I am a huge Junkie and I can hog crazy when it comes to junk food. Nevertheless, it’s never too late and I am trying to reduce eating pizzas and burgers (“reduce” to start with). Less cholesterol intake also helps in staying active and keeping the heart healthy because excess cholesterol affects the heart first. Also, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water keeps us active and hydrated.
  2. Eating better: As mentioned above, less cholesterol= healthy lifestyle. So eating healthy food is a must. In this busy world, couples are forced to eat unhealthy food when both of them are working, but this affects the heart in the long run. So eating better is a Mantra for healthy heart.
  3. Being happy: Last but not the least, the mantra for a healthy heart is to stay happy. Stress and pressure, will only weaken our heart and affect our overall health. SO try to stay happy with people around. Happiness is directly proportional to healthy heart. The more you take stress, the more it’s going to affect our heart, so stay happy and stay healthy.


To conclude, following and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come overnight and one has to continuously strive to achieve the same. So, these small steps will definitely lead to a healthy heart and a healthy you.

The empty Train

It was a usual day with an unusually pleasant weather outside. I rolled over my bed to kick start another lousy day. Having my morning coffee with the newspaper in hand, the first thing I did was check the zodiac sign, which was part of my daily routine, as always it wasn’t really different but somehow, I made it a point to check my zodiac for the day.  It said,” It is a special day, and you will meet an important person, and this day will be full of surprises”; I laughed internally and folded the paper to start my chores of the day. Not that I believed what it said, but it became a custom for me to check it.

Staying alone in a city like Bangalore, it was really hectic and travel was something which I hated to the core due to the traffic. So I commuted through metro which saved little time, but the crowd again was suffocating. I literally had to drag myself to the station and once in office, it would take an hour to settle down from the nausea which caused due to sweaty bodies touching or literally pressing one another, the jolts of the trains, and the intense pain due to standing continuously for an hour or more. This was my usual routine and so I used to wait desperately for the weekends to come, so I can crawl on my bed for hours together.

Twas Friday, which means just one more day for the weekend, which was the only reason I was excited, I dressed myself, and headed to the station. I was apprehensive to go to the station for some weird reason, maybe because it will be even more crowded than usual, keeping my thoughts aside, I reached at the station which was quite empty with just a handful of people. It was very unusual, but brushing my fear or thought, I waited for the metro to arrive.

The announcement for the arrival of metro was made, and I got ready with my belongings. Another 2 hours journey to my destination, thinking of which, made me just rush back home and go into a deep slumber. I felt like forever that I had a proper sleep and I really needed one. My thoughts were distracted by the arrival of the train. I see the train roll into the station and get on it. And my eyes were wide open; the train was eerily and unusually empty with not a single passenger inside.

For a second I was dead scared and thought of getting down the train, but even before I could get a chance to make a move, the train started, leaving me with no option. My heart was pounding and if I say I was scared, that would be an understatement, as I was praying for life. After scrutinizing thoroughly and holding a pepper spray in one hand, I took a seat near to the gate, just in case anything happens, I can get down fast.


After what looked like several hours, I checked my watch and it was just 10 mins and I had almost 2 hours to spend, but nevertheless the little fear that I had was gone by now and I settled comfortably. Watching outside the window, I felt at peace. The greenery, which I never noticed due to the constant juggling around, was incredible. I saw people who were poor but were smiling and having a gala time with the family, they knew they may not be getting 3-course meals daily, but they looked content. I, on the other hand, even after spending lavishly on meals, clothes, shopping etc., I still crib about unnecessary things.

Then I saw a small shop, where a little girl is sitting and studying something, her father was taking care of the customers, and her mother was feeding her. They looked happy together, they may not be running around in the metros but they looked happy. It reminded me of my childhood days, my dad used to work hard for us, but the time we used to spend together was a real family time. We may come from a middle-class family, but my parents made sure we get everything, and now when I have everything, I still can’t find happiness. That’s because happiness lies with people who are content in life.

Little further, I saw some girls playing and running around, and it felt nostalgic, I went back to the memory lane, where we used to enjoy the days to the core, I lost my childhood in the hustle bustle of the city, but it’s never too late.

As the train was moving, I saw many beautiful things which I didn’t realize ever existed in Bangalore. Watching every little thing and feeling contented with what I have, 2 hours went by just with a tick of a clock. But I never felt so happy and relaxed in my life. I don’t know the reason of the train being so empty, but I was thankful that it was because it was a realization of what we are missing in life running around for money, and why we are not satisfied in life.

That one journey in the empty train made a difference and I have been trying to enjoy and being content with whatever I have since. Running around is still the same, and so is reading the zodiac every day because sometimes it tells the truth. I did meet an important person and that’s the real me.

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Unveiling the romance

Love stories always thrill me, whether watching a typical Bollywood movie or reading some romantic fictions, it’s always staggering to hear, read and see the romance unveil. When we hear the word love, the first thing that comes in our mind is the immense love of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha or shirin-Farhad, having gone through so many hardships, they proved the world that love has no boundaries and it just connects irrespective of the limitations set by the so-called society and love has the power to fight all odds and that’s why love, they say, is divine.

Talking about love is one thing and watching one unravel is altogether different. And today I would like to share the beautiful love story of one of my friends.

Neha is my childhood friend. Right from nursery till college we were BFFs, until she got married to her childhood sweetheart, which I knew all along. But what thrills me is her story and how they got through all the hardships and finally got together. So Sunil was her childhood best friend, but due to some circumstances they had to bid farewell, they were too small to comprehend, but their families had a feud which eventually led them to leave the place. Neha was 8 at that time and Sunil was 12. So after 12 yrs, as fate had decided, they came face to face not knowing that they were childhood friends.

It was her first company. Sunil was her manager. The name did alarm her, but she brushed the , thinking that it’s a common name and he is not the one she has been looking for. Sunil too felt that Neha resembled someone but couldn’t just point out whom. But he was quite friendly and cool manager. Meeting Sunil, she had a feeling of satisfaction which all along was missing in her life, like a lost puzzle. They both felt the chemistry instantly. After few months, during a team outing, when they actually had a personal chat, they came to know that they are the lost friends and their happiness knew no bounds.

And finally Sunil proposed her one day, but the catch here was their families.

They started dating and during one of those dates, Sunil actually told about the feud that their families had. Apparently, it was due to some business dealings their families were in partnership and they faced a huge loss, due to which Sunil’s mother had a heart attack and she was bed -ridden for couple of months until she died. And they got a reason to blame Neha’s father for the same, Typical Bollywood story.

Eventually, they decided to break the news to their families about their relationship. Neha called me all nervous and she told me to stay beside her, and I promised to do the same. So we actually went to Neha’s place and after some casual talks, Neha told her mother about Sunil. Her mother was flabbergasted and was too scared that Uncle will be furious and as anticipated; he was burning red with anger. Lots of shouting and crying happened that day, I still remember it. Uncle actually told Neha that Sunil’s father sent a court notice to return all the money to him, though they were in partnership, he gave wrong evidence showing Uncle as a defaulter, and since then he is trying to pay for the loss.

Neha, the other day confronted Sunil about this and he confirmed that his Dad did this, and he is paying for his deeds, as Karma is a bitch. His dad had paralytic attack few years back and is bed-ridden since then. So finally, Neha and her family went to meet his Dad tagging me along. And as soon as Sunil introduced them, tears were flowing down his cheek, and I could actually see that he was guilty of his deeds. He couldn’t say anything but just folded his hands asking for forgiveness. Neha’s dad too felt bad for him and hugged him and forgave him for what he did.

I actually experienced a 3 hours movie that day unveiling the romance, the drama, the guilt and finally the conclusion. Finally, they are married and happy. I still talk to her not frequently though but whenever we get time, and they really are the typical love -struck couple.

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My dream trails to the wonderland

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Who doesn’t love travelling? I guess everyone does, but there are people like me, who literally dream of places to visit. Well I have a long list of places to visit, only if I had enough money, I would definitely not be a person staying at one place for long. Some people have a passion for travel, to experience the cultural history attached to those places, while some just travel to enjoy the nature and the wildlife, others travel to experience the vast cuisines and delicacies which best describe the place.

For me it has always been nature. History is something which I have always been away from since childhood; However, I do like to explore the exotic cuisine which the place offers. But nature is something which I usually keep in mind while planning my travel.

Nature, they say, keeps you closer to your heart and soul. . That is why whenever we find time; we prefer a getaway to places close to the nature. To hear the birds chirping, and listening to the soothing music coming from the cool breeze and the sound of the Ocean humming from far behind. And it feels to take asylum here forever, away from the hush bush traffic of the city and the pollution which is the main cause of most of the diseases.

Have you ever seen a wonderland, like really, those mentioned in the fairytale? Well! I love to visit some if there are any, like the castles shown in the books. Nevertheless the secret to a happy and long life lies in the happiness you seek and I seek happiness around nature. Coming to my dream trails, well! The list is endless, but there are some which if I get a chance to visit, will be the first in the wish list:

  1. The Aurora Borealis: The northern lights or aurora Borealis has always been in my mind ever since I came to know about it, which, to be frank, is not long back. And I have always googled about when is the best time to visit places where I can experience this beauty first hand. Camping under the sky, watching the stars and then Boom! An Aurora borealis occurs. Wow! That would be a sight to view ones in a lifetime.

  1. Salar De Uyuni: As it is called the world’s largest mirrors in the world. I just happen to read about this a couple of days back in the internet (As I told you, I keep searching for places which are close to nature), and I instantly added it in my wish list. Located in southwest Bolivia, covered with salt crust and with an amazing flatness, clear skies, and when covered with water, it makes the largest mirrors in the world. It looks like a dream world, or as if you are in a real world heaven. Watching the night sky would definitely be a sight to experience.

  1. Dudhsagar falls: located in the border of the Indian states Karnataka and Goa, this sure is a place I would love to visit. Travelling by train you can actually see the falls and you can stop at the nearest station and walk for some time to reach to this place, but it’s worth every step that you walk. The sound of the waterfall in the midst of the forest, is so soothing.



As I said, the list is endless and I just can’t pen down all of them. But all I dream is to sleep under the sky, watch the night sky, and explore every bit of the nature during the day and capture the moment in the camera. I wish I could make my dream come true some day. the World is vast and so is the beauty attached to it, and I wish I could explore every bit of it and stay happy forever.

The growth matters

In today’s day and age, where there is prodigious competition among children across all age group, there is an altogether different concern for the parents and that is the growth of the children. Part of which is due to the constant comparison of kids among the co-parents. But as the doctors also say, all kids act and behave different and so does their growth chart. However, it does concern the parents if the kids lag behind in height and weight. And so they try to do everything possible to catch up with other kids. I recently almost had a panic attack myself.

My daughter is almost 2 yrs old, and her food tantrums have started already. Being a pure vegetarian, I constantly have to think about giving her the necessary proteins, which she refuses to take. And finally, I literally have to give up on her because I can’t force anything on her, even if it is milk.

Ever since, I started giving her semi solids, I have never ever focused on forcing foods on her, tried different things, failed on some, she liked some initially, and then I would try something different. So it has been a roller coaster ride, always on the run to keep her healthy and feed something tasty. And she was never a fussy eater until recently though.  But again, the concern has always been there that am I giving her the right food and right quantity. But all the while, I am concerned about one thing, that she doesn’t eat daal and vegetables at all, which provides her the necessary proteins. So you would ask me what she eats. Well! That’s the issue and so I try to add the veggies in the form of stuffed paratha or pulao or khichdi.

Few days ago, she had high fever and after she recovered from that which lasted for almost a week, she lost weight and she stopped eating and drinking anything, and that’s when I started panicking. Milk was something she loved and she refused to even drink milk and she would cry with the mention of food. I was really really worried. Having said that, she was active and playing and would not demand food too which kind of surprised me. SO I tried to add some flavor in milk so that she would at least drink her regular portion of milk. And when I asked the doctor, she said as long as she is active, nothing to worry.

But I just can’t give up, she has to get some proteins and vitamins  in some form and So after consulting some co-parents and researching a lot , I decided to add Horlicks in the milk and try, initially she refused that too, but later as she got the taste, she started having it. And now she would demand for milk, which I happily oblige to give. However, her food tantrums are still the same, but I guess it’s the growth spurt and eventfully she will give in. And as long as she is having milk added with Horlicks, my major concern is on rest.

But the growth spree is ongoing and it won’t stop till the end. My mom is concerned even now about my health and would panic if I don’t eat properly, Can’t blame her though, as I am having a firsthand experience myself.


Pass the values of sharing the load

In today’s day and age, situations have changed and a couple works together understanding their needs and supporting each other in good times or bad. Gone are the days when men just used to sit on the couch doing nothing and women had to struggle their butt out meeting everyone’s expectations, cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning the house etc. Or has it? Well! this one incident opened my eyes on how backward we are still when it comes to the mentality of some people.

Nina is one of my close friends. She is married for 6 yrs now and has a small kid. They struggled a lot financially and personally to have a kid, and after 6 yrs of marriage, they were blessed with a baby girl. And because they spent a lot on this conception, pregnancy and baby, Nina decided to support her husband financially. So she applied for a job and got an offer instantly. Taking care of the baby was a problem, so she called upon her in-laws, who were eager to come and ready to take care of their granddaughter, More so because of the income coming from their daughter in law, they accepted to take care of their granddaughter.

Now this is a typical saas bahu wala ghar. Every day Nina had to wake up early, and then prepare breakfast and lunch for everyone, feed the baby, clean the house, and then leave for office, hardly getting time to have her breakfast. And then once back home, she again had to prepare dinner, feed the baby, wait for everyone to finish their dinner and then she would eat. During the weekends, while everyone relaxed, she would have double work of doing the laundry whole day, other work. So basically, she would not get a single helping hand from anyone. Her husband used to feel bad and tried helping her on occasions, but her mom in law would never allow him and would say men shouldn’t do household chores.

And one fine day, I went to visit her, she looked weak and tired, I asked her and she told me she was too tired doing all the work alone without any help. I really felt bad for her. Her mother in law called up for her, and she just ran to her, I thought this is it, I can’t take it anymore, she is like my sister and I can’t see her suffering, and so I confronted her mother in law in front of everyone. “In one hand you want your daughter in law to help your son financially by working herself and on the other hand, you can’t see your son help her, what kind of hypocrisy is this? With people having your kind of mentality, our society is so backward and you don’t deserve an iota of respect.” She just didn’t say a word, but Nina’s husband also tried to explain his mother to help her and let him do so too and share the load.

Post this incident, I swore to myself that come what may, I will never let my kids imbibe this kind of culture in their life and we have to teach the kids to help in small chores right from the beginning whether boy or girl. So, this is a call to everyone, come pass the values of sharing the load to the next generation as I did.

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