Festival without relatives

This is what happens when you get busy with friends and relatives at home. There has been a hiatus in my writing. The whole of last week I had relatives and was quite busy and tied up with my daily chores and other things that I hardy had time to come back and update on or write on something.

But, I must say, when your relatives are at home, you have lot of work, Agreed! But at the same time you enjoy their company. I enjoyed so much that, now after they are gone, I am in the blues and I don’t know how much it is going to take for me to get over it.

I reminisce how, during the festive season, our house used to be full of friends and family. The whole house used to be in revelry. Laughing, chatting, Kids had their own group, women had their own and men used to be busy discussing serious topics on politics or sports etc. We used to shop around together, dine out, enjoy. Go for a picnic. Never used to realize how days used to pass and then on the day they had to leave, we used to roll on the ground and cry for them to stay back.

That’s how life was, during my childhood.

I somehow re-lived my childhood days last week. And I felt, how people these days have become so busy that they hardly have time for their family, forget the relatives. the trend of relatives visiting your house during festival or otherwise has slowly become extinct. Anyways, I would definitely want my kids to know the value of relatives and how to treat them when they visit your house. This was a culture which was taught to us and has been followed by us since then.  And I would like my kids to inhibit the culture for the generations to come, so that the value of a festival and the trend of relatives visiting never faints away or brushes out completely.


Time to reach out to distant relatives and friends

I reminisce my childhood and wonder, how we used to celebrate the festivals with near and distant relatives and it was always fun to spend time with the whole family. And that’s how it should be. But with people getting busy in their own small world, they hardly have time to spend with their kids and spouse, forget about distant relatives. But, one has to reach out to their distant relatives from time to time.

Having said that, the best time to forget all the clashes and try to reach out to your distant relatives is in the festival time. This is the time, everyone is in revelry and they would love to be part of your revelry and again get into the bond they had once upon a time. I get down the memory lane and remember how our festivals were incomplete without grandparents, our uncles’ aunts and cousins. But today even our grandparents have become distant.

So, it’s time to bring back the culture and let our kids know the importance of every relative in a family, whether close or distant. Let’s find out how we get akin with our distant relatives this festive season:

  1. Organize a get together: This is the time, when you party and invite your friends and family, lets’ do something different and organize a get together with all our relatives distant and close coming together and spending time. It will be difficult to catch hold of each and every relative, because they have their own plans for festival. But you have to try convincing all and bringing them under one roof. A get together is the best way to talk it out and forget and forgive all the clashes.
  2. Introduce every relative to your family: There may be cases where it has been decades you have not been in touch with your relatives and your kids and spouse would not know them. SO introduce them to your family and make them comfortable. When you reach out a distant relative, your kids will also get used to all and this is learning for them as to how important each and every.
  3. Reach out with gifts: The festival brings happiness around and if you share some with your relatives that would be your best Christmas. SO the best way to reach out to your distant relatives is through gifts. Go to their place, invite them to your house for the festival and gift them something which will always be there in their memories like an old family photograph or your grandparent’s memoir.
  4. Plan a picnic: To bring all the distant relatives close, this would be the best option. Plan a family picnic cum a reunion, leaving the differences behind. When it is during a festival, everyone will unanimously accept the offer.


In every family small fights and arguments are common and chances of getting separated is also common. But it is up to you how to you can bring back all the relatives together and learn to forget and forgive.

How to Plan a family Reunion

In This busy world, we hardly get the time to spend with our near and dear ones. With everyone busy in their professional life, their personal life has come to an edge and this takes a toll. Many times I feel that when I was a kid, those times were the best, because at least every week, we had a get together. Meeting all the relatives and dining together laughing, chatting, playing, It was a revelry. If not frequently, we used to have a get together once in a month.

But people are so preoccupied with their work and the technology around, they prefer spending time on their computers and building social networks and breaking the networks that has been for a lifetime. The crux is that the way we have spent our childhood, we would definitely want our kids also to experience that lifestyle and meet people around. So, it’s really important to maintain the culture that our parents have been teaching.

SO there are lot of ways we can plan a family reunion:

  1. Through Family Functions: This is the best platform for a family reunion. Whenever there is a family function, it’s mundane that most the relatives would attend. This is a place where you can meet up with all your relatives, whom you haven’t met for quite some time.


  1. Family Outing: Organize a picnic or a family outing away from the busy world and spend some quality time with your dear ones. This will not only be a perfect reunion but also a good stress buster.
  1. 3.      Lunch or Dinner party: Decide on a lunch or a dinner get together. Place can be your home or a restaurant of your choice. Believe me this would be the best reunion.


The above points were the ways where and when a reunion can be done. Now let’s figure out points on how it can be done:

  1. Theme Party: When planning a reunion, plan for a theme party, like same colour or dress code, or any other themes, Get ideas from everyone and list out the most common ones and decide accordingly. This also helps in recognizing family member. Not because we don’t recognize, but because most of the family members we might be meeting for the first time or after a long time. So this theme would be easy for everyone to introduce and get going.
  2. Organize games: If you have a large family like more than 15 people, you can organize many interesting games, so that every member mingles with each other and have a great time together. The games can be Musical chair, or blowing the balloon, paper dance and the list is endless. Organize these games and take an initiative to get all the items required for the same.
  3. Discuss the Budget: The family get together shouldn’t be at the cost of a single person’s savings. Make sure the budget is very much according to the pocket and everyone should contribute equally. So the burden is not on a single person or family. Because this is a family get together, feel free to discuss the budget and allocate the contribution.
  4. Decide on a place and time: If you planning a get together make sure, everyone is available on the date mentioned. So discuss with each and everyone and check the maximum availability date and accordingly organize. Similarly, the place also has to be decided with everybody’s consent.

Above all, capture each and every moment in your camera to cherish those memories for a lifetime and other memoirs to come. Remember, when you are too busy with your professional life that you don’t have time for yourself, it’s the family members who will stand by you at the time of thick and thin. So always maintain a healthy relation with them. However, being a family, frictions are common. But forgetting and forgiving is the policy one shall follow

When she was young

Life was full of fun and joy, which went up high with every troy

She had the friends in thick and thin, so happy she has never been.

Her father bought the gift she desired, she never felt that made him tired.

He made her laugh and live her dream, she saw in him the hopeful beam.

When she was sad, he made her smile. With his support she can walk for miles.

Her Mother was the pillar of clout; she was an idol without a doubt

She felt the warmth of her love, the feeling of flying above.

Her mother was a friend in need and led her life to success indeed

Her siblings being the friends for life, she shared with them the glee and grief.

They helped her choose a path to succeed,

Together they looked like the beads, parents being the thread indeed.

How life has taken a sudden plunge. She wants to scream at the top of her lungs

To stop the time when she was young

The cost cutting

Every time I think of cost cutting, I feel. It is so difficult to cut on your spending and live without shopping or eating out. Little did I know that I soon have to follow the same step? I recently booked a house, and my husband being the only bread earner, we find it very difficult to survive, if we spend too much. SO unanimously we decided that we will follow the cost cutting way.

Apparently the cost cutting started off really well for first 2 months, but post that, we kind of voluntarily or involuntarily stopped saving. Well! That’s too bad. But I think I have to make a list of how to save on hard earned money to avoid any financial crisis. So here are the lists I have thought about:

  1. Make a list: I have already started making a list of day to day expenses. Even a small pin we buy, I add that in the list. This way we know every month how much are we spending? Out of that how much is unnecessary expense and we can curb on that later. Try to make an accounting statement kind of sheet, with all your incomes and expenses included in that. This would galvanize you to save more and spend less.

2.      Curb on your travelling expenses:  For me this is a little difficult, as our family stays away from us because of my husband’s job elsewhere. SO, we had to travel quite often to visit them. But still, we have decided, we will curb on these expenses and instead of going once in every 2-3 months, we planned to go twice or thrice in a year. However, in case of any emergency or crunch, we cannot stop our self from going.

3.      Buying the groceries: At the crux of life, it’s imperative to cut on daily expenses. Instead buy your groceries and important items in higher quantity, so you don’t have to go again and again to the super market to buy these items. And buying anything in a glut will also save that extra penny.

4.      Avoid eating outside: With working couple, it’s really difficult to prepare lunch or dinner at home, and they end up spending more on eating outside. When you have a major expense ahead, try to cut on this expense and prepare anything at home. Even salad at home would be healthy and cheap. I am not saying cut on your eating habits. Try to get up a little early and prepare lunch and dinner together, so when you come home from a tiring day in office, you would not have to prepare food and you can avoid eating outside as well.

5.      Unnecessary expenses: Again, buying unnecessary items and clothes, is not important. This is a crucial point in your life. SO try to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Just a little caution from your side, will help you save more and that in turn will be helpful in future. This way we will also get a habit of spending less and saving more, which is always helpful. Try to follow this policy forever and you can lead a happy and contented life.

Spending time with family: Little things that matters


With working parents it’s really difficult to manage work and family together, but spending quality time every day with your family matters a lot.  You don’t have to wait for holidays and weekends to spend time with your family, every day can be a family day.  Spending time with family helps build a healthy relationship.  That little time that you spend with your family everyday can be fun filled. Let’s see how:

  1. Share your experiences:  Share the whole day experience with your family at dinner. Tell them what all you did at office and also listen to their experiences and share your views and just chat and laugh together. Listen to them patiently.
  1. Play games together: Spare some time from your busy schedule to play some games with your kids, like board games, or scrabble or brain games which will increase their knowledge with fun.
  1. Help with the homework:  Helping your kids with their homework is a great way to spend time together. Help them with their assignments. Try to make this fun filled as well. This way they easily grasp things.
  1. Camping or picnic: Take your family for a day camping or picnic. That is the best time to spend and have loads and loads of fun.
  1. Vacation: Plan a surprise vacation with your family and enjoy each and every moment. Let your kids commemorate each and every time spent with you as a sweet memory.
  1. Appreaciate their work: Sit beside your kid while they are painting or drawing or reading for that matter and appreciate their work. Also, if they tell you anything that happened in their school for which they were rewarded, tell them it’s a great achievement. Likewise, appreciate and encourage them in every walk of life.
  1. Go for a drive: You can also go for a long drive with your family singing and laughing and enjoying every moment.

SO, these are small things which matters a lot. Wrapped up in making money and other things, we tend to forget the most important thing in life, i.e., family. No matter how successful you become, without your family support, you can never succeed in life. SO as a gesture of love and respect towards your family, try to spend as much time as possible. Spending time with your family over the year is something you can’t replace because time goes by quickly. So enjoy each and every moment of your life with your family. If are successful, party with them, If you are happy, share your happiness, if you are sad, Express your feeling so they can help you cope with the situation. SO, more than anything, FAMILY is the most important part of your life and make them feel how important they are to you.