Your pregnancy: those pampering days

Pregnancy is the time when a woman has lot of mood fluctuations and cravings and they want all the attention in the world. And its natural, they get all the pampering from everyone, right from the in-laws, parents, husband of course and also the neighbours.

Your body goes through so many hormonal changes, you feel groggy, nausea, mood swings, cravings, cramps and what not. This is the time to take extreme care of yourself and your baby.  The jitters are common, there is anxiety. Every minute your mood changes and that is the reason doctors ask you to be happy.

Having said that, you behaviour affects the baby inside and those 9 months, you have to just think about the baby and behave and eat for the wellness of the baby.

  1. Always be happy: As discussed, your behaviour reflects positively or negatively to the baby inside. They say if you are happy, your baby is happy inside. Anger, anxiety, depression will affect adversely to your health and the baby. Whatever you think and do will affect your baby.
  2. Always think positive:  During pregnancy, one has to always take positive vibes and try to get away from negative thoughts. When you think positive, the vibes goes to the baby inside and that will always keep the baby positive. Don’t let negativity take a toll on your happiness and always try to be happy and positive, that is the mantra of healthy pregnancy.
  3. Listen to soothing music: Music is the best healer for any pains and during pregnancy, music always gives a soothing feeling. It doesn’t have to be necessarily only light music, but not too jazzy music. Songs and music which placates your mood swings is advisable.
  4. Read religious books: Reading books also diverts from any thoughts which can make you sad, or give tension or anxiety. It keeps you busy. Especially when you read religious books, all your anxiety and jitters vanish and you feel mental peace.
  5. Meditation: This is the time, when you have mood fluctuations, you feel sad, lonely, happy, angry. SO many emotions barge into your mind, that you don’t have control over it. So best way is to try to manage all these emotions. Meditation is the best practice to keep all these emotions away and keeps you happy and peaceful.
  6. Eat healthy: Whatever you eat, will help in the growth of your baby. So always eat healthy and eat small small quantity many times instead of eating big meals twice. Eat lot of fruits as well.
  7. Watch your cravings: This is the time, some women have weird cravings and they say you should never stop your craving. So watch your cravings and things which you think is healthy for the baby ea that.
  8. Don’t research too much: Doctors always suggest not to research too much at this time, because you have too many unnecessary information available on the net that you go research for anything, it will make you scared rather than happy and that will not help you in anyways, but will keep you more tensed and leave you doubtful.

I am as novice as anyone who has first pregnancy, but just tried to jot down all the points which our elders have been suggesting for ages and which has always worked wonders. SO all in all, always stay healthy, eat healthy and think healthy, your baby will be healthy.


The joy and the Jitters

The feeling of motherhood is inexplicable. You can’t wait to feel the kicks, the movements and listen to the heartbeat of your baby inside. You want to touch the baby and feel the love. There is little nervousness and anxiety for to- be parents. Everything they do and eat, they first want to confirm with the doctor and why not, this is your first conception and you are as novice as a small child. Right from the time you get the news of you being pregnant, you feel happy and want to break the news to the world.

Having a child is a wonderful experience, but still there is anxiety and tension continuously running in their mind. This is the time, when they get pampered from everyone and are made to feel special, but sometimes a sense of “loneliness” stays there. Some of the doubts that vacillate in your mind are:

  1. Worry and uncontrollable thoughts: Right from the time you conceive, a constant worry and tension stays intact. The fear of something bad will happen, or some past histories of the same or listening to cases and getting tensed. These thoughts are uncontrollable. SO you need to discuss this with your doctor.
  2. Lack of confidence and fear: Till the time of your delivery, there is conscious fear and your confidence levels are shaky. You want to get this done as soon as possible.
  3. Diet: A constant doubt about what is good for you and the baby and what is not, keeps running in your mind. You have a craving for something, but you have to think twice before you eat.

So, lot of other doubts come into your mind as an expecting parent which is natural. But at the same time peace of mind and body is very important for the baby as well as you. Having said that, little things which will help get you over the pregnancy jitters:

  1. Meditation: For the mental and physical peace, an expecting parent should meditate a lot. It will wash away all the doubts in mind and all the fears will vanish and you will feel relaxed and refreshed.
  2. Join a group: Every to be parents have these jitters and for them there are lot of classes conducted, where you can clear your doubts and suggest something which is useful. SO an interactive class will help you get over the jitters.
  3. Speak it out: If you have some sort of fear in your mind, best way to get over it is to speak it out with your doctor. Discuss the measures taken to rule out that fear. If required consult a counsellor who will help you come over the tensions and fear.
  4. Proper sleep: Most of the time, during this time, you have lack of sleep and that affects your body and mind. Constantly thinking about things which are irrelevant and straining your mind and body will affect your health. SO in order to get away from these thoughts, sleep a lot. Whenever, you get time, just sleep. Because when you sleep your mind and body is on rest and it gives immense peace and relaxation.


The first time parents are oblivious and taking tensions is mundane. But one has to keep in mind that it doesn’t affect your health and the baby’s health. SO just try to clear as many doubts as you can and get away with the jitters, rather than thinking and thinking about it and making the situation worse. Remember, your actions and your mental status, directly affects the baby. So watch your actions and thoughts not for you but for the baby and be happy.

Are you a junk food addict?


The craving for junk food never ends. When you go out, you see a pizza corner, you grab it at one go, on the way to work, you see hotdog stall and you can’t resist.  So this is what is called junk food addiction. Which is not wrong, everyone loves to eat and experiment with various dishes and delicacies. But, when the addiction reaches a limit and you have no control of yourself that is the time you have to think about pulling back yourself from the cravings. You don’t have to stop eating altogether, just that keep a check on your eating habits.

As you age, your junk food habits and addictions can take a toll on your health. So, today it can be delicious and you gnaw and relish, but, this can be a slow poison in the long run. So, we can always keep a check on what we are eating, how frequently we are eating and what can be done to stop the addiction.

  1. Curb your visit to fast food junctions:  You have to peruse as to how often you visit the fast food junctions and how frequently you eat. And then try to curb your visits to these places as much as possible.
  2. Control your cravings: I know it’s really hard for fast food lovers to control their cravings, but that’s what the mantra to a healthy you. SO, whenever you get a craving for something like that, just go to your kitchen and try to make something which is healthy as well as delicious.
  3. Eat healthy: To pacify your craving and addiction, you can always try and eat healthy, every time you are hungry. These days due to stress at workplace, they get hungry frequently and every time they are hungry they grab these fast foods which is a substitute to your food. So, if you are not able to resist, you can have SUBWAY, which is healthy and will placate your hunger.
  4. Convert yourself to a health freak: This is the best way to control your craving. Think healthy, eat healthy, sleep healthy.  If you make a mindset that, you have to stay healthy then you have to exercise and stop junk food. SO go to the Yoga classes, read books related to health and this will automatically change your mind and your addiction will automatically subside over a period of time.
  5. Prioritize your eating habits: Instead of grabbing whatever you get when you are hungry, try to prioritize your eating habits and make a list of items you can eat, when hungry. Try to eat fruits when hungry which is healthy as well as a great substitute for your fast foods.
  6. Avoid Beverages which contain soda: Soda is the most dangerous beverage and it is considered to be a slow poison. SO try to purchase beverages which doesn’t contain soda and start by drinking fresh fruit juices instead.


When you take an initiative to control your craving for junk food, you are automatically heading towards a healthy life. This will be a little difficult initially, but I am sure, you will come over this addiction over a period of time. Remember, a healthy lifestyle is a way towards a healthy you. Changing your eating habits, will definitely change your lifestyle and for good.

How to deal with a miscarriage

Having a miscarriage is the biggest loss ever. Especially with couple who has conceived for the first time, it’s really heart breaking. I recently had one, and can feel the pang behind. However, it was an early miscarriage and unfortunately, it’s common these days, says the doctor.

It’s really easy to be sympathetic and suggest, but the after affects and the suffering that the woman face is only known to her. Even If it’s an early or late miscarriage the pain and the sorrow is the same. No words of sympathy can eliminate the depth of pain one is suffering.  I still cry sometimes when I am alone. Though I had a 12th week miscarriage, but even before you hear the heartbeat of the baby, you start planning everything. You wait desperately for that moment when you will relish the feeling of motherhood. All the plans and dreams crash at a once.

But, some day you have to some over it, the sooner the better. I realized this just recently. Because the more you think about it the more you get deeper into depression, remember this is not the end of the world. You have to deal with this only then you can plan for the next baby.

  1. Kill the depression: A person automatically slips into depression once an unfortunate incident happens. It’s really important to come out of that, because excessive depression might affect you mentally and physically. SO practice meditation and keep yourself busy in order to cope with this after effect.
  2. The guilt: This is something, which I felt. We wonder what went wrong and was it my mistake. Have I done something, which I wasn’t supposed to do? So there are lot of questions and guilt in the mind. May be it was my mistake. SO first thing, Get out of the guilt. It is no body’s mistake. It had to happen and so it happened. Feeling guilty will make the situation worse and you will not be able to come out of it.
  3. Support each other: This is not a loss of a single person, but both of you suffer equally. So you have to support each other and try not to blame each other. I know your dream is shattered. But it’s time to move on and support and love each other.
  4. Talk to a counsellor: If you feel, you are not able to come out of it, speak to a counsellor. And talk your heart out and try to find a solution for this rather than living with it forever.
  5. Talk to your Doctor: Discuss with your doctor on what could be the possible reasons, this happened to you and what are the future measures to be taken, so that this is not repeated again.
  6. This is not the end: Remember this is not the end of everything. These days it is common and people conceive again. If not, there are many other options these days like adoption.


So, it all depends on you, how to get out of this situation and move on in your life. Your mental state of mind will become stable over a period of time. But this should not affect your health and mind. If you don’t come over it, this might affect your next baby. So keeping this in mind, try to be calm and composed. In no time you will come over it.

Coffee: A health Hazard


There was a time when “coffee” was a term for wine. The drink became so in demand that people started drinking actual coffee to keep them awake. Hence, they gave it the name to what we know as Coffee. This is true that, like wine, coffee keeps you awake. But unlike wine, coffee is a slow poison, the effect is known well in future. The caffeine content in coffee makes it more harmful.  Let us find out the health hazards of coffee:

  1. Impairs the nervous system: Excessive drinking of coffee causes trembling of the hands and body due to nervousness. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant which leads to depressive phase like exhaustion, fatigue, headaches etc. It also leads to stomach problem and poor digestive system.
  1. 2.      Heart disease and blood pressure:  As discussed above caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, it leads to heart pumping faster and this leads to high blood pressure. This in turn can cause a sudden cardiac attack. That’s why patients who are already suffering from heart disease are advised to avoid coffee.
  1. 3.      Insomnia: people working late nights are in a habit of drinking excess coffee which keeps them awake. This becomes a habit and it leads to insomnia or lack of sleep. They become so habituated to coffee that sometimes without having coffee they cannot sleep.


  1. 4.      Miscarriage: consumption of coffee during pregnancy may lead to miscarriage. The effects of caffeine in pregnant women are harmful. So avoid drinking coffee during this time.


  1. 5.      Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a disease which reduces the calcium in the body and leads to bone loss. Heavy consumption of coffee increases the risk of osteoporosis and mainly in women with low calcium intake.


  1. 6.      Cholesterol level: Coffee also increases the cholesterol level.


So there are many reasons why one should consume less coffee or no coffee. The list continues.  It is imperative that one should consume healthy drinks instead of coffee and reduce the risk factors involved.