The secret box of gifts

When I was child, every gift I got from my parents was as precious as a gem. And even now, I have kept them intact. I would like to show them to my kids and let them know the importance of every gift I got for my secured future. Parents always are extra cautious about their child’s future and to make it secure, they go that extra mile. No parents want their child to go through the pain they have suffered and they are always concerned about their safe and secure future.

As a child grows their wish list grows along with them and their tantrums are hard to fulfil. As a child, when they used to say, I give you my blessings as a gift, I used to feel disquieting and disgusted at the same time, like “How cheap! can’t they afford a small gift for me”. But it’s ironical how history repeats itself and when I say the same thing to my child, I get back the same look. But, I want my child to realize what is important and what is not. She has to know, there are kids who can’t even demand a gift because they are homeless and orphans.

But, I would definitely like to gift my child those special gifts which would be there for a lifetime and which would make her future safe and secure:

  1. Moral values: This may sound weird, but only when you teach them values that have been taught by our parents will they become a successful person and wonderful human being which is the most expensive gift of life. And this is one gift which can be passed on for generations to come.
  2. A savings account: Getting out of the notion, I will definitely open a savings account for my child and start depositing small amount every month. Also, I will take them along to open the account and teach them the importance of saving. This will not only teach them to save more and also help them in dealing with bank transactions.
  3. Insurance: A gift which a child will always be thankful of in the long run is to make their future safe and secure and that is through insurance. Getting some of the best policies will not only keep us tension free but also help our child’s future sealed and secured.
  4. Health: A good health is a sign to a healthy life and that is what matters the most for the parents. I would definitely want my child to be hale and healthy. The healthy child makes a healthy society. So I want my child to be always healthy and active.
  5. Love: Materialistic gifts are quite common and are given every time, but what matters the most for a child is to get the love and affection of the parents. There are kids, who are unfortunate enough to get that love and affection and I would like to teach my kids to share the love with those kids. This will make them realize how fortunate they are and also make them a good human being.

So all the values, wrapped with love, affection and good health is the secret box of gift, I would like to give my child for a safe and secured future.
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