A job seeker’s guide to getting a dream job

Getting a job itself has become quite a challenge in this competitive world. One has to have a caliber to get a dream job amidst vast competition. Some may think searching for a job is a cake walk, which is a big misconception. However, those who delve into the market and do a lot of homework get a fruitful result.

When I was a tad, People often used to ask me what do you want to become and my answer would change based on my imagination. Sometimes, I thought I would become a painter, sometimes a singer or a dancer, a scientist or an astronaut, didn’t really know what these people actually do. SO my choices were many and it seemed easy to pursue.

As we grow old, we realize that there is a vast difference between dream and reality. As a job seeker, one has to either bridge this gap or just compromise with the reality.

Having said that, there are these basic guidelines to follow if you are seeking a dream job you always wanted to pursue:

  1.  Research : The first and foremost thing one has to do is research a lot before you jump into any conclusion or before you take over a job which you know is not your dream job. This includes, what are your primary skills and which companies hire exclusively for that particular skills. Note down the name of the companies and research on what are their hiring strategies. By doing this you get a clear picture on what kind of employees they hire and what is it that you can do in order to get into those companies. If necessary, try to learn some more skills which you think is mandatory to get into these big companies. Remember apart from your primary skills learning over and above that, is always an added advantage and the more skills you have in your resume the more weightage your resume would hold over other candidates.
  2. Prepare multiple resumes: Earlier, one resume was sufficient to apply for multiple jobs. But with the growing competition, one has to create multiple resumes based on the job you are applying for. With small changes here and there one can apply for different positions simultaneously. Having said that, you don’t have to add fake experiences, it’s just that some jobs require brief about your experiences and some requires details. SO based on the need of the job description you can alter.
  3. Connect with people: Networking is very important these days. SO connect with people and involve in group discussions, Q&A sessions and enquiries about the job you are looking for. When you connect with people from the same field, you get to know a lot about the market and the companies and things which you wouldn’t have known if you do research on your own. SO research with networking makes your job search complete.
  4. Make a strategy: Before applying for any job in any company, you have to prepare a strategy for yourself like what if you get rejected? What will be your next move? If you get selected in more than one companies? How will you decide on which job to take up? Instead of panicking at the last moment, always prepare a strategy and keep a backup plan for either of the cases.

When searching a job in a systematic and planned manner, you will always hit the bull’s eye. That’s why they say there has to be a proper planning and strategy in any walk of life, be it in job search, or in your current job or in your future endeavours. SO follow these simple guidelines and you will surely end up in your dream job or dream company in no time.


A career growth plan for 2014

With the New Year round the corner, people have started making resolutions for the coming year. Every individual makes a resolution and try hard to meet them. But one of the major goals every year for an individual is career growth. They want to grow and grow in the coming years. But just promising to self and not meeting the requirements will never help you grow. Hard work is the cornerstone in a career growth.

Having said that, one has to have a proper plan as such to reckon to your career, and so a proper planning has to be done to boost your career and move ahead in life. Let’s list out some major objectives which will help us grow in the year 2014:

  1. Planning: This is required in every walk of life and when it comes to career you just can’t take risk and proper planning is indispensable. A career is not something which just gets clicked by fluke or by chance. You must have had a proper planning to reach to this level and so you have to continue doing so to grow further.
  2. Set a goal:  Setting a goal and focusing on meeting those goals is the key point in boosting your career. Don’t set goals which are impossible to meet. Be realistic and try to first set a minimum goal and only when you are able to set the expectation right, increase your goal. This helps you understand your calibre and set the goals accordingly.
  3. Self edification: Indentifying your flaws and trying to improve over the years will help you grow rapidly. Even a perfectionist feels he/she is not perfect and try to improve. In every stage of life, one has to learn new things, then why not in your career. SO learn new technologies and try to improve your skills and calibre. This will help a great deal in career growth.
  4. Self assessment: Assess yourself as to where you have reached over the years and where do you stand in future and try to analyse the situation and circumstance. You are your best critic when it comes to self assessment. You will know your strengths and weaknesses and that will help you improve and grow.
  5. Taking the feedback:  Only when you are open to feedbacks you will know your flaws and will try to improve it further. So learn to accept feedbacks. Even if it takes taking a feedback from your subordinates or employees under you. Don’t bring the superiority complex in you.
  6. Build the network: Building a network matters in every step of your career especially when you are planning for a career growth networks do help. SO keep increasing your networks, keep in touch with them, involve in discussion, initiate topics and discussion. This is the best way to increase your knowledge.

When you adhere to self made policies and goals, you will be able to look high and aim high. Start your career growth plan right from today and by the end of next year, I am sure you will come up with new plans and goals surpassing the present one.