How to notify your Boss that you are leaving

Quitting a job without burning the bridge is an art in itself. Whether you have another job in hand, or you simply want to quit the organization, you have to have a valid point in either case. However, one has to be very careful when explaining the boss that you are leaving. A slight miscommunication, can cause a damage which is irrevocable and you would leave the organization with a sour memory and your character and performance will all be washed out at one go, just because of a slight mistake from your end. Also, your immature behaviour will end up getting you your walking papers, instead of you quitting, which can leave a negative impact, like you might not get your relevant documents, getting a job in other companies will become difficult.

SO to avoid this entire crisis to occur, you have to leave the organization gracefully and with confidence and keeping your boss in loop, at the same time, in good terms with your boss. How to explain to your boss about the same:

  • Written resignation: Ideally, some companies have a procedure of submitting a written resignation or via Email. SO draft a proper mail about your resignation and do not mention anything which can leave a doubt or will make them feel that your resignation is due to official reason (even if it is).
  • Confidential: They say never ever disclose your salary with your colleagues. Likewise, unless and until you are not sure, never discuss your resignation to any of your closest co-workers. Because, if one person gets to know, it spreads like a fire and even before you telling your boss, he might already know it through someone else. SO you do not want that to happen. Keep it top secret and let your boss be the first person to know about the same and only when approved by your manager, you can disclose it.
  • One on one discussion: You might want to have a one on one discussion with your boss to explain the reasons. Also, arrange the meeting as per their convenience and don’t be in a hurry. Only when your boss would be free, he/she would be able to be all ears with you.
  • Proper reason: You should be able to furnish proper reason of your quitting the organization. You can’t give naive reasons like I am not well that’s why I can’t come. You have to furnish proper doctor’s certificate about the same. SO if you have a proof for the reason of your resignation. You boss will trust you and leaving on a trust is always beneficial for you and the employer.
  • Serve a proper notice period:  Whatever reason you have given for your resignation, if you serve a proper notice period, that will leave a good impact, at the same time, it will be beneficial for your next employment and you can leave without burning the bridge. SO as per the company policies, serve your notice and leave gracefully, instead of fighting to relieve you immediately.


You can also arrange for a replacement and give a smooth transition, this will impress your boss even more and this will leave a feeling that you are genuinely concerned about the company and will relieve you smoothly.

Remember, your professional relationship with your manager, will help you in your further employments and any slight rift between the two can leave a bad impact on your career. SO anything is going to affect your future and your employment. SO be very careful when explaining the reason for your resignation. Also, any organization you have worked with helps you in building a vast network and directly or indirectly, they help in your future endeavours. SO keeping that in mind, try to be in good terms with your boss even after quitting the job. SO all in all, you can make your resignation smooth and easy, if you handle it carefully with your boss.