Entertainment in your pocket

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Travelling long distances can be boring at times. I remember, we used to carry loads of games to pass our time in long distance travels. Vacation can also get boring if we don’t have friends around. Sometimes, when all your friends are out on vacation and you have no one to play with, your only companion is television, but what if it is already engaged with your dad watching the news? You are left with no option but to wait for your dad to give you the remote, but by then, your favourite show will be over. Is there a solution to this? Well yes!

With digitalization and a Breakthrough in the technology, entertainment comes in small package as well which can easily fit in your pocket. Didn’t get it? Well! I am talking about Mobile phones.

Mobile phones, especially smart phones have become a boon in some ways. Whether you want to search for a location or a restaurant, or shop online, everything is possible with a swipe of the mobile phones. Life has become so convenient and easy with these smart phones. Words will fall short if I start to boast about smart phones. There are plethora of features and apps to choose from.

The other day I was travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad, when I bumped into this lady who was of my age. Whilst we were all struggling with the network in our phones, she was watching movies back to back. After quite some time, I couldn’t resist and asked her, how come she is getting a signal to stream the movies and watch online. To this she smiled and replied, “Its Tatasky+ Transfer“. I was little confused and curious at the same time. And then she explained me in detail.

Now! You must be wondering, what is this Tatasky+ Transfer?  This is an innovative new way of watching what you like leisurely anytime and anywhere. You can record your favourite shows, transfer it using your Wi-Fi at home, carry anywhere and watch relentlessly. Feel like watching some recorded content right away, but someone else is watching TV? You can instantly stream your recorded show and you don’t even have to wait for the content to transfer.

When my husband is home, I hardly get to watch any show, forget about my favourite show. And I have to settle to those news channels, where you can see live fish market, people brawling on petty issues, and shouting and screaming on top of their voices. So this is a boon to people who miss their favourite show or movie due to other work at home and can watch it leisurely later. Isn’t it cool?

Everyone has their set of choices and favourites and it becomes a pain, when your favourite show clashes with others in the family and that’s when the fight starts. At least, I, as a child, used to feel the same. Someday I should have my own television and no one to disturb while I watch my favourite shows. But with Tatasky+ Transfer, no one has to face the same issue, and everyone can watch their favourite shows simultaneously or leisurely later. Just record, transfer, or stream and watch!  So, now, we have entertainment in our pocket, and so, travelling or vacations, for that matter, will not be boring anymore. Thanks to Tatasky+ Transfer.


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