Let’s put a smile on that face

I ponder sometimes, that being a kid is the best thing. There is mirth in everything we do as a kid. Even a smallest of appreciation for the smallest of things we do, bring in a broad smile on our face and a pride of having done something different, though it may not be different for others but who cares. Those carefree attitudes, that stress free life is bliss.

I reminisce as a kid, we had the best of the times, with no gadgets or smart phones, we would mostly play outdoors and that was fun, we had real friends and real games to play. And when we would come home sweating and tired, everyday there would be delectable snacks on the table waiting for us. I don’t understand how my mom would get the energy or the idea of preparing something different and delicious every day. As the kids grow, their taste grows, they want different and tasty snacks and I guess my Mom knew this secret and so she was bang on, on everyone expectations. She is a dab hand at everything I must say.

And then I used to think, when I grow up, I will also follow my mom and try to be best in everything like her  and also prepare different snacks every day for my kids.  But only when you get into ones shoes you understand the difficulty one faces. So much confusion every day, so many choices, you just can’t reach up to everybody’s expectations at the first place. And I must say, I can’t match my mom’s pace or her energy level anytime.

Having said that, while I was banging my head the other day as to what should I prepare, I came across this ad in television about McCain, and then I thought let’s try this. I instantly went to a store nearby and bought some packets. And I should thank myself that I bought it.

It was this Sunday evening and we had some guests at home, with their kids. Unfortunately, I was running high on fever, and could not even think of preparing something special… But I can’t leave them like that, I thought. Strolling to the kitchen, I opened to fridge to see what is in there. And I was delighted to see these McCain packets. SO I decided I will try something with these. So I prepared a list of Items I plan tomake from the recipe book online http://www.mccainindia.com/DecliciousRecipesandDips/DipsandRecipes.html#Recipes

After browsing through the website while talking to them, I went right into the kitchen and started my first dish, McCain Aloo tikki wrap, so I quickly made the dough for the chapatti wrap and in 10 minutes my wrap was ready. But something was missing and I didn’t wanted to serve just one dish so I thought since we have kids too, something chocolaty would be fun, and I made chocoloicious fries with French fries and a last item I thought should be something cheesy, and this was PCS Canapé with McCain Potato cheese shotz and all these I prepared in half an hour.

Believe me, it was so much fun making these dishes and it definitely brought a smile on the faces of the kids, the guests and most importantly on me, who was down with fever, I felt a lot better and a sense of satisfaction that I didn’t let my guests down with my fever and they were happy and all praises.

I will surely recommend this to my friends, a must try snack which will make your kids and your family happy. SO let’s put a smile on that face.



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