Unravel the veil

A Woman is an epitome of love and sacrifice. She has Oodles of will power and confidence which makes others feel jealous of her. She carries the onus of family and work together and doesn’t utter a word. She is emotional yet strong .But being a woman, she is always being judged and being labelled.

I am born to fly, the limit is the sky

Yes, every woman is born to fly and sky is the limit. But there is one thing that holds her back and that is the label she is attached to, the “OR” label. She can live her dream OR choose her family, she can study OR get married, why can’t she do both. Why is it that every time this emotional label comes her way to success? She can study AND get married AND live her dream AND take care of her family AND thrive success, there are so many things she can do with an “And” attached to it. She can’t be limited to one label. She has a multitude of talent which is not confined to a one-dimensional label.

Working incessantly and not getting a time for her, Anita was reaching at a saturation point. Where she felt, her life has become useless and she is just born to take care of her family two kids and in laws and she couldn’t think beyond that. But deep inside she had a dream which every now and then used to pop in and then she would let it go off her mind. You can call it a dream or a hobby which she wanted to pursue.  She wanted to become a teacher.

Right from her childhood she was in awe of the teachers and how they mould the life of the children and so she wanted to be one too ones she grows up. Taking the dream further, she completed her B-Ed and then while she wanted to continue her masters too, she got a nice match and was married.

All these years she subsided the feeling and her dream inside. But a small thought made her exuberant and she wanted to live her dream. But the catch here was teaching the kids in the slum and opening a school for the poor which will be free of cost.

When she put forth her idea in front of her husband, he supported her and gave her a go ahead. But, her in-laws were not very happy with her working at this age and stage of life. But since she has full support from her husband, they didn’t quite interfere too.

Kicking off her dream, she never got away from her family responsibilities too. Whenever, she used to get time she would teach these kids and in a very short notice a throng of kids just barged in showing interest. Now she had to hire some more staff and so she decided to open a small school. With the help of the government and of course her husband, she is now a successful entrepreneur running a small school for a cause and living each and every moment of her dream and has proved the world wrong that ones you get married you cannot pursue your dream.

An unconditional service to the poor is her motive and now she has opened a school for the poor and her will power and her dream to achieve something in life has made her what she is now. She is happy and contented. At the same time her in laws are too proud of her. She has removed the label of “OR” and had added a new label of “AND” and proved that if a woman has the will power and confidence in her she can achieve great heights and can showcase the multitude of talent in her with  a little support. You just have to unravel the veil and show the world the power of the woman.

I would like to tag Preeti Chauhan

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