My first Teacher

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Well! Mother is the first teacher and guide; it’s the root that has to be strong to mould a child. As a child, we were blessed, because we didn’t have smart phones and we played real games, had real friends and played outdoor games. My mom insisted on playing outdoors, for a reason that, if we get glued into the television, we are gonna miss those precious days and times. And so she too squired us in the games both outdoors and indoors. And television! HAH! We were allowed just one programme to watch and after that mom would switch off the TV, in spite us begging and crying rolling on the floor. Rule was rule back then. And those days were indeed precious. We had value of relationship, we had true friends, we helped each other in hard times and we would confabulate nonstop and we had vast topics to gossip about. I so miss those days. And I pity kids these days because they don’t get to experience the fun we had.

And partly or may be completely it is our mistake. We have become quite callow and that is so much evident on our kids too. Today kids, just glue in the television or the mobile phones, they have stopped playing outdoors, and Rule! They don’t have that word in their tiny dictionary. As I said earlier, they follow what we do, and so if we are glued in our mobile phones, how can we expect them to not follow us.  So they are extraordinarily cerebral when it comes to following us on wrong things. SO it is we who have to be careful.

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But, I have to follow my mom now. The upbringing and the morals she has inculcated in me, I have to give it to my daughter. Ohh! By the way! I remember a story my mom used to tell us every time and it has so much assimilated in my mind and it is as fresh even today. A story of how a mom’s negligence made her son a criminal.

There was a widow lady; she loved her only son a lot. Every little thing he did made her proud and she would always encourage him. One fine day, he bought a pencil from school or rather stole a pencil from school. He came home and told, “Mom look, what I got.” Her mom, with a smile on her face said proudly, “Arey wah! Such a beautiful pencil! Very good Beta”. This made him so happy and   next day he stole a pencil box, then a lunch box, this went on and on .As he grew up, he became a thief stealing small things and every time his mother, instead of scolding him or stopping him, used to encourage him, which gave him more confidence. One fine day, he crossed all the lines and robbed a bank. He got caught. His mom came to see him. Panic stricken mother started howling and blaming the system again. And then her son told her something, which is a lesson to all. He said, “I am here because of you Maa!” flabbergasted, his mom stared at him in utmost confusion. He said, “The day, I stole the pencil, you could have slapped me then and there and asked me where did I get that pencil from? But you, instead, appreciated and encouraged me. And to make you happy, I started stealing things. It is all because of you.” She realized her mistake, but it was too late.

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So, you see! Good or bad, a mother is the one to be blamed as she is the first teacher. This story tells the message loud and clear that, a mother is indeed, your first teacher and has that lady taught him not to steal things; he wouldn’t have been in the jail.

So, like this, my mom used to teach us the morals of life in the form of a story. She has a vast collection I must say. And actually, these stores leave an impact deep inside a kid’s mind and every time he does something good or bad, this story reminds him of the end result and his/her mother’s teachings.  SO Thanks to my mom, because even today, I remember all the stories and they teach us a lesson in every walk of life.


One thought on “My first Teacher

  1. Yes…I agree here that for all of us education begins at home and mom is the first guru ….who i consider God in person to teach us the real basic values and shows us the right path to lead our lives!


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