Honey Diet: A sweeter alternative

The feeling of being healthy comes from within.  Only when we eat healthy, will we stay healthy. Dieting doesn’t mean stop eating altogether and just survive on leaves and vegetables, but it means eating healthy. Ever since this junk foods and fast foods have taken over the healthy Indian food, our body has also taken over by layers and layers of fat. With people getting busy minting money, health is something which they compromise on. And dieting is a word which is most avoided and hated by people whose life gyrates around food food and food. And the logic that they give is, we earn for the bread then why shouldn’t we eat what we like. But the fact of the matter is dieting isn’t that bad like the way people think or has a misconception.

Take an example of my husband, when I tell him, you should start dieting, instantly he starts feeling sick and hungry and what not. And then he would come to me and say, “Honey! I will start from tomorrow”. And his tomorrow never comes. SO, you see, the word “Diet” itself, makes people indolent, forget about following it.

Talking about diet, as already mentioned, one just doesn’t have to survive on leaves and vegetables alone. You can make your diet tasty as well as healthy; Honey is a great alternative to a healthy diet. Anything you eat, if you replace it with honey instead of refined sugar, nothing like it. Also cut on the processed food. And this along with some exercise will keep you fit, energetic and rejuvenated.

Now let’s point out some benefits of honey diet:

  1. Honey and lemon juice added in a glass of warm water is a great morning detox. It keeps the system clean and keeps your fresh and healthy through the day. This followed every day, also makes your skin glow from within. So replacing this with coffee is a great start of the day.
  2. Replacing sugar with honey in anything you eat, like tea, coffee, cereal will keep you healthy. And that urge to consume sugar, will slowly evanesce.
  3. Honey is a great way to increase the immunity in the body. It fights cold and cough and is also great for the skin, to fight germs.

Apparently, honey is not only a great way to lose weight, but when added it gives a taste to anything and everything.  And to make your day healthy and your diet tasty, Dabur Introduces the Honey diet, which offers you an effective way to lose weight and tasty honey recipes, calorie calculator.  It also offers some exercises to lose weight and you have an option of online dietician to keep a check on what you eat and how much you should eat. So all in all a great initiative by Dabur to stay healthy and follow a diet, but a sweeter one though, so it indeed is a sweeter alternative.



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