Wake up to gold morning

The chirping birds and the breeze so fresh

The rising sun like a golden ball,

The night that was like a dream of past,

Wake up to a golden dawn.

Mornings are so fresh and beautiful with the nature at its best during this hour of the day, a time when our minds are fresh, and a hope of the better day ahead. For some, a morning is just another day to stroll to the monotonous day, while for some it’s a new beginning or fresh start of the day, forgetting the past, starting the day afresh.

So it’s an individual’s perspective. But for me, it’s a hope of a beautiful day ahead, a hope of rectifying the mistakes of the past, a hope of ending the day with a positive note and looking forward to another morning. All these are secondary though, what is important is how to start your day.

There was a time, when I used to wake up at 9, and then would read the newspaper, and then go brush my teeth and then my day used to start. But now post marriage things are different, I have to set an example for my daughter and so forget about waking up, I brush my teeth as soon as I wake up. But things are a little different with my lazy hubby… He has to have a bed coffee, then he will come out of the bed, read the newspaper or watch the TV for some news, then I have to keep reminding him to go brush his teeth. The he will put the paste on the brush and again wait for another 15 minutes or rather waste another 15 minutes, then I have to remind him again. Then he finally brushes his teeth. So, exactly an hour or more when he brushes his teeth, and if he has some office work, then only after he is done with the meetings, he will brush.  This is our daily routine. Like a small baby, I have to keep pushing him to brush his teeth.

He reminds me of my childhood. I used to literally cry to brush my teeth. It was a big work for me. I used to curse those who invented the brush and the trend of brushing the teeth. And now I see the same expression on his face when I ask him to brush his teeth.

But ever since I bought this Colgate 360 charcoal toothbrush, things have turned out for me. Surprisingly, he brushes his teeth as soon as he is up. Actually we have been using this and I must say, it’s amazing, the way it cleans the teeth, tongue, cheeks and gum, and the freshness also lasts the whole day. No bad breath, no bleeding gums, no tars. It indeed is a must have brush in every household. With our regular toothbrush, we never used to feel fresh at the first place, no matter how many different brands of toothpaste we purchase.

So what are you waiting for! Get one today and make your mornings #Colgate360GoldMornings.






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