Life is crazy with friends around #YaaronKiBaraat

This statement sounds so Cliché but it stands true when you do have friends who are there with you in your good times and bad. Doing crazy stuff together, when all you care about is each other’s company, Rang a bell? Well that’s what friends are for. And I proudly admit that I have definitely lived my live to the core with my crazy friends around me.

To talk about a single friend would be unfair on my part, as we were a group of 5 who did all the crazy stuff together. To say that we were close friends would be an understatement, as we were inseparable, to say the least. Right from nursery to college, we never failed to be by each other’s side.

Talking about crazy things? Well we were technically crazy and whatever we did was too much fun. I am sure my friends would second me on that. School was like boring without them. Even if anyone would be absent, that day would feel so lousy and boring. We tortured our teachers with silly pranks. I remember, there was one English teacher who was very strict and we used to loathe her, she gave us some homework and we hated English homework, not that it wasn’t interesting but for the fact that the teacher wasn’t interesting. Anyways, Next day when the teacher arrived, she asked whether we have done our homework, and to my surprise, half of the class raised their hand that didn’t complete the homework, the teacher was flabbergasted and she was furious at the same time. She asked us to stand outside the class, and the whole class of some 30 odd students were standing outside except for a few sincere students. Now there wasn’t any place to stand outside, so we made groups outside and we were chatting and giggling, and chatting. That was a funny scene. In the history of education, that would be the first time that a whole class is punished and the teacher is teaching just 2 or 3 students. Did I tell you this was all planned? Well it sure was, and we had a blast on annoying our teachers on every chance we got.

Once we completed our school and hit the college days, life was even more fun like bunking classes, going on a long drive. Did I mention, I love military guys . they look sexy in their uniform, and Jabalpur being the hub of gun carriage factory, we would see these army personnel often. So we would bunk classes to flirt with these men on duty, we would stand outside and wave hands and act silly while they would just smile and wouldn’t react, as they are on duty. We would spend some time there and then head to our favourite eateries to hog on some street foods. I hardly remember, if I attended any of the classes in my first year of college and so I shamefully flunked in 1 subject, but that didn’t really stop us from doing crazy things. All these while, my friends have been part of the crime. That’s the best part actually, when you know you have friends who think and act alike, life is crazy and fun.

Singing out loud while driving, following and eve teasing boys. I remember when a guy was eve teasing, one of my friends literally held him by the collar and slapped him and we stood there laughing our guts out. and people were staring at us like we are really crazy .  That’s how crazy we were. We looked forward to every single day. Life was fun back then.

After that, we, kind of, separated in pursuit of pursuing our career. But we still reminisce all these memories and laugh out loud on how childish we were and I guess when you are being childish, you don’t care about the world and do what you like, and that’s when life is full of fun.

It’s been ages that we have actually met, but thanks to the technology, we keep in touch with each other, and whenever they come, we make sure we meet each other. Nevertheless, life is indeed crazy when you have your friends around.

I think its a great initiative by Zee Tv to bring the best buddies and have a fun-filled chat show #YaaronKiBaraat. I am so looking forward for the same.



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